Polystichum hubeiense(Dryopteridaceae), a New Fern Species from Hubei, China

Liang Zhang, Zhang-Ming Zhu, Xin-Fen Gao, Li-Bing Zhang
2013 Annales Botanici Fennici  
Dryopteridaceae), is described and illustrated from limestone cliffs in western Hubei Province, China. Polystichum hubeiense is most similar to P. lanceolatum in having relatively small leaves and pinnae and similar pairs of pinnae per lamina. The new species is distinguished by having overlapping and papery pinnae that are dull adaxially and repand on the margin, while P. lanceolatum has contiguous and leathery pinnae that are lustrous adaxially and dentate and with hard spines on the margin.
doi:10.5735/085.050.0121 fatcat:6sdaohv37bcrvm5pfstqeh3trq