Study of thrmodynamic values in different temperature from partition coefficient for some organic acids immiscible di-solvents mixtures

Nahla Salmam, Haitham Dakheel, Abdullah Kadhim
2021 Egyptian Journal of Chemistry  
In the present work the partition co-efficient was studied for some organic aromatic acids quinoline-2-carboxyic acid ,salicylic acid ,aliphatic acid and succinic acid Oxalic acid in different mixtures solvents not mixing diethyl ether + water,chloroform + water and carbontetrachloridde +water at differet temperature vang from(293-318)k. Also the thermodynamic properties ,gibbs free energy change ΔG,otherwise enthalpy changee ΔH and entropy change ΔS of partition co-efficient kp have been
more » ... for the dependence of the equilibrium constant(k) to temperature vant Hoff equation,over the temperature rang (293-318)k. The work to show the effects of The work hydrogen on the distribution processes .The results show also the effects of temperature and the number of acidity one acid or diacidic .The thermodynamic values indicated that the distribution processes were spontaneous and endothermic these processes increasing in entropy depending upon spontaneous hydrogen bonding in either spontaneous or strengthened.
doi:10.21608/ejchem.2021.54602.3140 fatcat:rujogqmj7zglbib3f6zlpqg5ji