Expert Finding in Heterogeneous Bibliographic Networks with Locally-trained Embeddings [article]

Huan Gui, Qi Zhu, Liyuan Liu, Aston Zhang, Jiawei Han
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Expert finding is an important task in both industry and academia. It is challenging to rank candidates with appropriate expertise for various queries. In addition, different types of objects interact with one another, which naturally forms heterogeneous information networks. We study the task of expert finding in heterogeneous bibliographical networks based on two aspects: textual content analysis and authority ranking. Regarding the textual content analysis, we propose a new method for query
more » ... xpansion via locally-trained embedding learning with concept hierarchy as guidance, which is particularly tailored for specific queries with narrow semantic meanings. Compared with global embedding learning, locally-trained embedding learning projects the terms into a latent semantic space constrained on relevant topics, therefore it preserves more precise and subtle information for specific queries. Considering the candidate ranking, the heterogeneous information network structure, while being largely ignored in the previous studies of expert finding, provides additional information. Specifically, different types of interactions among objects play different roles. We propose a ranking algorithm to estimate the authority of objects in the network, treating each strongly-typed edge type individually. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed framework, we apply the proposed method to a large-scale bibliographical dataset with over two million entries and one million researcher candidates. The experiment results show that the proposed framework outperforms existing methods for both general and specific queries.
arXiv:1803.03370v1 fatcat:sonvdldbkjaxzlckigevhmsaeq