Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking System using GPS and GSM Technologies

B Kumar, Syeda Fathima Tehseen, Guntha Vamshi Krishna, Syed Mohisin, Akram
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
Vehicle security means providing security to the vehicle against any possible thefts. Vehicle security has become a matter of concern these days. The manufacturers of vehicles have been trying to implement different methods in order to provide better security systems. Security for the vehicle can be provided by the use of GPS and GSM technologies. GPS stands for the Global Positioning System, which is a satellite based communication system and provides the details of particular location. GSM,
more » ... e Global System for Mobile Communication is used for communication between different GSM devices. Vehicle monitoring is also done by the monitoring of different parameters like temperature. In this project the security of a vehicle is provided by tracking its location. The project also has the feature of automatically slowing down of the vehicle speed as soon as the locations detected by GPS are schools, hospitals. There is also a voice output for these particular zones to alert the driver.