Immunohistochemical evaluation of apoptosis and proliferation in the mucous membrane of selected uterine regions in pre-pubertal bitches exposed to low doses of zearalenone

E. Stopa, I. Babińska, Ł. Zielonka, M. Gajęcki, M. Gajęcka
2016 Polish journal of veterinary sciences  
Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites produced by fungi. Those biologically active compounds occur naturally and they include zearalenone (ZEN), a mycotoxin that contaminates plant material, including the ingredients used in the production of commercial dog food. The influence of monotonic, low-dose and long-term exposure to ZEN on pre-pubertal bitches has not been fully explored to date. This paper describes a 42-day experiment performed on clinically healthy female dogs aged
more » ... 70 days, with estimated body weight of 8 kg. The animals were randomly divided into two experimental groups (EI and EII) and a control group (C) of 10 animals each. Group EI received 50 μg ZEN/kg (of body weight) per os, group EII received 75 μg ZEN/kg BW per os, and the control group was administered placebo. The bitches were ovariohysterectomized at the end of the experiment (at around 112 days of age), and selected sections of the uterine wall were subjected to immunohistochemical analyses (TUNEL and PCNA). A shift towards higher apoptotic (AI) and proliferative index (PI) was observed, in particular in group EI. Higher AI and PI values were noted in the epithelium of all uterine regions analysed and in the uterine glands in the uterine horn proximal to the body of the uterus.
doi:10.1515/pjvs-2016-0022 pmid:27096802 fatcat:pyqa7it2svhg3a75lszncke4ry