Bioenergy sustainable development: achieving the balance between social and economic aspects

Vitalii Kovalenko, Nataliya Kovalenko, Oleksandr Labenko, Oleksandr Faichuk, Olha Faichuk, M. Jewiarz
2020 E3S Web of Conferences  
At the beginning of the third Millennium, humanity is forced to face a new surge of tensions and contradictions between different countries and peoples, between different parties and faiths, as well as the growth of environmental, economic and social problems both in different regions of the world and on a global scale. These phenomena are the result of the exhaustion of socio-economic forms of development of society within the existing natural resource and environmental conditions. An
more » ... itions. An increasing number of people and states are experiencing an acute shortage not only in quality food, but also in quality water, clean air, energy, land, biological and other resources. After all, according to some scientists over the past hundred years, the consumption of natural resources by mankind has increased almost 100 times. For the first time in the history of mankind, resource and environmental crises have reached the biosphere borders and there is a danger to the existence of civilization. Humanity faces a global challenge, the correct solution of which will result on the lives of our descendants in the future. The common task for all is to preserve the biosphere as the habitat of mankind. Further increase of material and energy flows becomes impossible, as well as further satisfaction of the needs of new billions of people who will be added to the total population. Humanity is on the threshold of a new socio-economic formation, as neither a centrally managed economy nor a market economy has been able to solve the global environmental problems of our planet.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202015407008 fatcat:s2x54howxnaifcn2l5zygdnwpq