Energetic and Exergetic Analysis of a Heat Exchanger Integrated in a Solid Biomass-Fuelled Micro-CHP System with an Ericsson Engine

Marie Creyx, Eric Delacourt, Céline Morin, Sylvain Lalot, Bernard Desmet
2016 Entropy  
A specific heat exchanger has been developed to transfer heat from flue gas to the working fluid (hot air) of the Ericsson engine of a solid biomass-fuelled micro combined heat and power (CHP). In this paper, the theoretical and experimental energetic analyses of this heat exchanger are compared. The experimental performances are described considering energetic and exergetic parameters, in particular the effectiveness on both hot and cold sides. A new exergetic parameter called the exergetic
more » ... ed the exergetic effectiveness is introduced, which allows a comparison between the real and the ideal heat exchanger considering the Second Law of Thermodynamics. A global analysis of exergetic fluxes in the whole micro-CHP system is presented, showing the repartition of the exergy destruction among the components.
doi:10.3390/e18040154 fatcat:yvwkh7p3ira7rni5bwic7ykrt4