Proceedings of the Parisian Society of Laryngology, Otology, and Rhinology

M. Parrel
1910 The Journal of Laryngology Rhinology and Otology  
The author has performed the operation over thirty times during the last two years, making a careful selection of his cases, and is well satisfied with the results. He considers it as a necessary adjunct to many cases of submucous resection of the septum. Herr WINCKLER (Bremen) found Zarniko's method very useful in one case, but could not do without packing. Herr SEIFEET (Wiirzberg) recommends a wedge-shaped excision of the turbinal tissues with Moure's knife, which is recommended for the
more » ... ended for the removal of septal crests. If in such well-marked hyperplasia the turbinal structures are pressed within the window of the knife and cut out from behind forwards, including the corresponding portions of bone, the upper raw surface can then be pressed against the lower by suitable packing, and a diminution in size is obtained without disturbing the function of the turbinated body. Herr RJTTER (Berlin) asked if there was no danger of damaging the nasal end of the tear-duct in Zarniko's method. Herr KILLIAN (Freiburg) recommends in certain cases the fracture of the inferior turbinated body by means of the speculum designed by himself. Herr DENKER (Erlangen) has also tried turbinotomy where otherwise resection would have been carried out. He will report on his experiences further. Herr ZARNIKO (Hamburg), in conclusion, has never seen damage done to the tear-duct. Here Denker's suggestion should be given further trial. [To be continued.) PROCEEDINGS OF THE PARISIAN SOCIETY OF LARYNGOLOGY, OTOLOGY, AND RHINOLOGY. January 10, 1910. COMPLICATIONS OP ADENECTOMY. BY M. PARREL. The speaker mentioned as immediate mishaps, burns, breaking of instruments, and as remote complications, synechise, adenitis, latero-and retro-pharyngeal inflammations, pulmonary abscesses and lastly, generalised septicaemia. To avoid them he advised operating' in Rose's position under chloride of ethyl, to abstain from hurrying, to pay attention to asepsis, and to carry out a tech?iique strictly surgical. August, i9io.] Rhinology, and Otology. 427
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