The Great Toe (Babinski) Phenomenon: A Contribution to the Study of the Normal Plantar Reflex Based on the Observation of One Hundred and Fifty-Six Healthy Individuals

1901 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
came its victims. On this occasion calomel was for the first time administered as a remedy, and attended with the happiest results, arresting in a surprising way the fatal tendency of the disease. Dr. William Douglass published a valuable practical essay detailing the characteristics of the method of treatment of this alarming complaint. Among the earliest publications on medical subjects in America was an essay on fevers published in Boston in 1732 by Dr. John Walton. Dr. John Cutler was long
more » ... n eminent physician and surgeon in Boston. He was the preceptor of several of the early physicians ; among them was Dr. Zabdiel Boylston. In 1781 old Continental paper money was used and physicians had great difficulty from the fluctuating value of it. The physicians of Boston instituted a club, the meetings of which were held in the Green Dragon Tavern. Physicians' fees were low, and when paid in depreciated paper money little or nothing could be realized from them. The fee for a visit was one shilling and sixpence, afterwards increased to two shillings. Midwifery and capital operations were at a guinea, with charges for after visits. The first fees established by the medical club were fifty cents for a visit ; if in consultation, one dollar ; rising and visit in the night, after 11 o'clock and before sunrise, double fee ; obstetrical case, eight dollars ; capital operation in surgery, five pounds ; reducing a dislocation, or setting a fractured bone, one guinea ; bleeding, opening an abscess, extracting a tooth, fifty cents, and the usual fee for visit was added. All accounts were to be calculated in hard money, and if
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