Numerical Investigation of Distribution Laws of Shear Force in Box Girder Webs

Xingwei Xue, Chao Zang, Junlong Zhou, Hai Zhang
2019 Advances in Materials Science and Engineering  
To study the shear force distribution laws of a box girder with a single-box multichamber (SB-MC) configuration for different supporting conditions, numbers of webs, stiffness of end diaphragm, and web thickness values, a box girder with SB-MC was numerically simulated using three-dimensional finite element model. According to the comparison results of web shear force, the concept of η, a shear-increased coefficient for webs, was introduced. The results show that supporting conditions and
more » ... onditions and chambers have a significant impact on the shear-increased coefficient η, and end diaphragm must be set up in the 3D finite element model when calculating η. Nonlinear analysis shows that in the elastic phase, the shear-increased coefficient η basically does not change, but in the cracking stage, the coefficient η of each web changes with the degree of web cracking, and side-webs (S-Webs) reach the ultimate load first. The variation of the web thickness hardly affects the distribution of the shear force, so the method to adjust the web thickness of S-Web was proposed according to the result of shear-increased coefficient η to improve the shear resistance of the box girder.
doi:10.1155/2019/9865989 fatcat:ol453pwvlvbblpe2sfy4v2hxwu