Harsh Modi, Mr Vyom, B Pathak, Mrs Neetu, B Yadav
Construction projects play a vital role in the development of our nation. Quality is one of the important features in all projects. The level of success of construction industry greatly depends on the quality performance. Improving quality in construction is one of the important tasks which need to be performed immediately. This research is carried out to identify the factors that adversely influence on the construction projects. This research mainly focuses on identifying and scrutinizing the
more » ... actors that affects quality in construction. The identified factors from the literature are design codes & standards, financial issues, planning & scheduling, materials, equipment, labour, human resources, coordination, inspection, risks and customer satisfaction. Based on the review, the factors affecting quality are identified. INTRODUCTION Quality is one of the important aspects of all projects. Quality performance is the key to measure level of success of construction projects. Quality in construction and projects are two face of a coin so they cannot exist without each other. Quality in construction is nothing but customer's satisfaction within specified budget. Quality is involved in every construction stages from project start to finish. Construction projects and quality are inseparable parts of each other. The modern construction world requires construction companies to guaranty the quality of their product to their clients. The quality is a key function in all infrastructure development environments like cost and time. It becomes one of the vital factors in any construction project. In construction projects lack of quality results in delays, cost overrun and unsafe structure. Cost is vital and important in any project. Cost reduction through eliminating wastages, excess consumption, rejection, substandard, rework has to be achieved in all functional areas. Performance characteristics are the term which correlated and measured in terms of number of characteristics that contribute to an overall performance which satisfies customer's requirements.