Charge inversion by multivalent ions: Dependence on dielectric constant and surface-charge density

K. Besteman, M. A. G. Zevenbergen, S. G. Lemay
2005 Physical Review E  
Charge inversion occurs when the effective charge of a surface exposed to solution reverses polarity due to an excess of counterions accumulating in the immediate vicinity of the surface. Using atomic force spectroscopy, we have directly measured the effect on charge inversion of changing the dielectric constant of the solvent and the surface-charge density. Both decreasing the dielectric constant and increasing the bare surfacecharge density lower the charge-inversion concentration. These
more » ... tration. These observations are consistent with the theoretical proposal that spatial correlations between ions are the dominant driving mechanism for charge inversion.
doi:10.1103/physreve.72.061501 pmid:16485949 fatcat:vbfgqe3k6ndofdcgjjd7iqgjgq