Berry phase and anomalous velocity of Weyl fermions and Maxwell photons

Michael Stone
2016 International Journal of Modern Physics B  
We consider two systems of wave equations whose wave-packet solutions have trajectories that are altered by the "anomalous velocity" effect of a Berry curvature. The first is the matrix Weyl equation describing cyclotron motion of a charged massless fermion. The second is Maxwell equations for the whispering-gallery modes of light in a cylindrical waveguide. In the case of the massless fermion, the anomalous velocity is obscured by the contribution from the magnetic moment. In the whispering
more » ... n the whispering gallery modes the anomalous velocity causes the circumferential light ray to creep up the cylinder at the rate of one wavelength per orbit, and can be identified as a continuous version of the Imbert-Federov effect.
doi:10.1142/s0217979215502495 fatcat:yji3tksexzfehdp7kxssjtwwi4