Pre-Christian Inter-Personal Values Practicsd by Africans as a Means of Befriending Others:Cultural-religious Contexts

Teresia Tarimo
2016 Zenodo  
This article is an attempt to bring into light the African religious cultural values used to befriend others in the society. The historical account of missionaries about Africa shows that before Christianity the indigenous were pagans in a strict sense. That means the idea of a supreme and personal God did not exist in the African continent. However, various researches have proved the contrary. It is undeniable truths that even prior to Christianity Africans were profoundly religious. They had
more » ... eligious. They had traditional religion which exerted big influence upon manners of living. Kofi Busia in his book Africa in Search for Democracy noted that "Africans' cultural heritage is intensely and pervasively religious and that in traditional African communities; it was not possible to distinguish between religious and non-religious areas of life." This religion is rooted in the ethos and belief system of people; and developed experientially as a response for their questions concern­- ing the world and daily life situations. It dominates human life and set up a specific tone in his relationship with nature and his fel­- low people through values observed. The work aims at seeing the convergences of these values to Christianity and how they created congeniality in the society.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4271954 fatcat:ndgfsd32yfhbfbmu5a7nr2mbki