Performance Improvement of Roof Transparent Solar Still Coupled With Agriculture Greenhouse

Alaa H. Salah, Gasser E Hassan, Mohamed Elhelw, Hassan Fath, Samy E. Elsherbiny
2017 Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development  
In Egyptian desert, growing plants is difficult due to harsh climate (hot at the daytime and cold at the night), infertile soil, low average rainfall and lack of fresh water for irrigation purposes. A set of simple transparent solar stills are integrated with a new solar driven agriculture greenhouse (GH). The stills are placed at the GH roof to use the extra solar radiation (above that required for plant photosynthesis process) for water desalination. In addition to water desalination concept
more » ... he solar still units even reduce the cooling load during the daytime. A net of aluminum metal coated with black colour is placed on the base of the solar still units to raise the water temperature (enhance desalination process) and provide partially shading for the GH. Using aluminum net decreases also the number of solar still units required to produce the required amount of GH fresh water leading to a significant cost reduction.. Therefore, this technique can be used for the application where a higher VTR is essential. The main objectives of this work are sizing of the aluminum net, spacing between solar still units to obtain the threshold of plant requirements. Also fresh water production and greenhouse climatic conditions that plant needs (temperature, relative humidity, air velocity and amount of oxygen) are simulated. Numerical simulation was carried out for the hottest day of Borg Elarab, Alexandria (Egypt).
doi:10.21622/resd.2017.03.1.074 fatcat:bxedg6kecnbzxeglqcjunx3lke