Chemical determination of riboflavin

M L SCOTT, F W HILL, et al.
1946 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
The increased interest in the riboflavin content of both foods and feeds makes it highly desirable that we have a rapid and accurate method for determination of this vitamin which is generally applicable. While the microbiological procedure of Snell and Strong (1) has been found to be very accurate, it has the disadvantage of requiring several days to obtain results. Furthermore, many laboratories are not equipped to conduct microbiological determinations. There exists, therefore, a need for an
more » ... fore, a need for an accurate chemical method which can be used to analyze a large number and variety of samples in a short period of time. The chemical method of Hodson and Norris (2) has been found to give satisfactory results on certain materials, but, when substances containing highly fluorescent non-riboflavin pigments are analyzed, erroneously high results are obtained by this procedure. The method of Hodson and Norris has been modified several times during the past 5 years. The major modification consists of the substitution of a procedure of oxidation of interfering pigments by the use of potassium permanganate for the reduction procedure used previously. The potassium permanganate oxidation of interfering pigments was probably first used by Koschara (3) in his early studies of the lyochromes. Its use in an assay procedure was first reported by Ferrebee (4) in his method for the determination of riboflavin in urine. This, together with certain modifications in technique, has resulted in the development of an accurate chemical assay method for riboflavin. The method, as described in this report, has been used by chemists in several diierent laboratories on a wide variety of materials with very satisfactory results. In the extensive studies of the riboflavin content of milk and milk products and of dried leguminous seeds conducted by Daniel and Norris (5, 6) this *
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