Application of the AE Technique for The Detection of Shaft Crack with Low Speed
저속회전축의 균열 검출을 위한 음향방출기법의 적용

Dong-Sik Gu, Jae-Gu Kim, Byeong-Keun Choi
2010 Transactions of the Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering  
Condition monitoring(CM) is a method based on non-destructive test(NDT). So, recently many kind of NDT were applied for CM. Acoustic emission(AE) is widely used for the early detection of faults in rotating machinery in these days because of high sensitivity than common accelerometers and detectable low energy vibration signals. And crack is considered one of severe fault in the rotating machine. Therefore, in this paper, study on early detection using AE has been accomplished for the crack of
more » ... d for the crack of the low-speed shaft. There is a seeded initial crack on the shaft then the AE signal had been measured with low-speed rotation as the applied load condition. The signal detected from crack in rotating machine was detected by the AE transducer then the trend of crack growth had found out by using some of feature values such as peak value, skewness, kurtosis, crest factor, frequency center value(FC), variance frequency value(VF) and so on. *
doi:10.5050/ksnve.2010.20.2.185 fatcat:2l7mns5uojcudc36ik2xqcu6jq