1908 Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society  
A. Instruments, Accessories, etc.* (1) Stands. is ldesigned for the display of one dozen microscopic objects, in a museum or exhibition, where it is required to leave the instrument unattended and at the same time to prevent breakage or injury to Microscope or objects. The instrument here illustrated is an improved FIG. 121. form of previous patterns. It consists of a dust-proof ebonised mahogany-framed glass case, in which the Microscope is fitted. The objects, twelve in number, mounted on the
more » ... ber, mounted on the fitandard size of slips, 3 by 1 in., are placed upon a revolving brass drum of very solid construction. The surfaces on which the objects rest are machine-planed, thereby insuring proper focus being maintained when objects are changed. The drum is rotated by means of a milled head from outside the case, and fine focusing is effected by moving the projecting eyepiece * This subdivision contains (1) Stands; (2) Eye-pieces and Objectives; (3) Illuminating and other Apparatus ; (4) Photomicrography ; (5) Microscopical Optics and Manipulation ; (6) Miscellaneous.
doi:10.1111/j.1365-2818.1908.tb04881.x fatcat:k3zcjtrinjbqzl5rhjpmpq32ve