Doppler Shift Time Expansion Resolution and Spectral Performance in Wideband Real-Time RF Channel Emulators [post]

Massimiliano Rossi
2019 unpublished
The possibility to test a radio frequency transceiver through the use of appropriate channel emulators allows to evaluate their performance under various operating conditions. Many systems are able to operate with a relatively limited instantaneous bandwidth by applying known statistical models. Sometimes it is necessary to evaluate the performance of a RF transceiver installed on high or very high speed platforms over predictable trajectories using optionally DEMs (Digital Elevation
more » ... levation Models)data of the terrain to estimate the number of stimulated paths and their contributions during the flight. When the instantaneous bandwidth of the signal becomes high (over several hundred of MHz), one of the most important phenomenon to consider is the Doppler spread induced by the channel and traditional narrowband models become unuseful. In this paper there are presented some results when a time expansion is adopted in order to emulate the transceiver dynamic and the consequent Doppler spread with the aim to control the spectral purity of the emulated propagation channel.
doi:10.20944/preprints201901.0053.v1 fatcat:evbcwhbn4vdqdie5harpscrhs4