Alien invertebrates transported accidentally to the Polish Antarctic Station in cargo and on fresh foods

Katarzyna J. Chwedorzewska, Małgorzata Korczak−Abshire, Maria Olech, Maria Lityńska−Zając, Anna Augustyniuk−Kram
2013 Polish Polar Research  
During three austral summer seasons cargo, expeditioner clothes and equipment of the Polish Antarctic Expedition were examined for the presence of alien propagules. De− tailed inspections were undertaken at the station buildings, searching for any invertebrates. During each austral summer fresh fruits and vegetables were also inspected. A total of 359 invertebrates and their remains were found in cargo transported to Arctowski Station, or caught in the station's facilities. The majority of
more » ... es were classified as cultivation pests (26%), food pests (43%), wood−destroying pests (4%), domestic insects and arachnids (15%). Through supply of the research station a wide range of alien organisms can be acci− dentally transported and ultimately introduced to the Antarctic. This study has clearly dem− onstrated that almost all cargo items can be a potential vector for alien organisms. Species from a broad range of biological groups can be transported to the Antarctic and remain in a viable state.
doi:10.2478/popore-2013-0005 fatcat:bpfm62nw3regfanvui5dr77bqq