11-1 AVRマイコンを使ったLED植物実験工場の温度制御(第11部門コンシューマエレクトロニクスおよびマルチメディアストレージ)
11-1 A Temperature control of an LED planter using an AVR microcomputer

2012 Proceedings of the ITE Annual Convention  
For reduction of power consumption in home,control of temperatures in room is one of the principal methods. We considered the experimental LED planter to be a small home and measured temperatures of air and circulating water with an AVR microcomputer. By using air fans and thermo heaters, the environment of the planter was controlled appropriate temperature for plants.
doi:10.11485/iteac.2012.0_11-1-1 fatcat:zspo2chifbglndnj5y2vov3pxy