Maintaining Semantic Information across Generic 3D Model Editing Operations

Sidan Yao, Xiao Ling, Fiona Nueesch, Gerhard Schrotter, Simon Schubiger, Zheng Fang, Long Ma, Zhen Tian
2020 Remote Sensing  
Many of today's data models for 3D applications, such as City Geography Markup Language (CityGML) or Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) encode rich semantic information in addition to the traditional geometry and materials representation. However, 3D editing techniques fall short of maintaining the semantic information across edit operations if they are not tailored to a specific data model. While semantic information is often lost during edit operations, geometry, UV mappings, and materials are
more » ... , and materials are usually maintained. This article presents a data model synchronization method that preserves semantic information across editing operation relying only on geometry, UV mappings, and materials. This enables easy integration of existing and future 3D editing techniques with rich data models. The method links the original data model to the edited geometry using point set registration, recovering the existing information based on spatial and UV search methods, and automatically labels the newly created geometry. An implementation of a Level of Detail 3 (LoD3) building editor for the Virtual Singapore project, based on interactive push-pull and procedural generation of façades, verified the method with 30 common editing tasks. The implementation synchronized changes in the 3D geometry with a CityGML data model and was applied to more than 100 test buildings.
doi:10.3390/rs12020335 fatcat:ojieb6jbljaxnnpvihtckfngja