Consolidation of B4C–VB2 eutectic ceramics by spark plasma sintering

2015 Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  
The in situ synthesis and consolidation of B 4 CVB 2 eutectic composites by spark plasma sintering (SPS) is reported. The microstructure properties were determined for composites with the B 4 CVB 2 eutectic composition as functions of the VB 2 content and the VB 2 VB 2 interlamellar spacing. A change of VB 2 concentration from 45 to 48 mol.% resulted in the formation of the rodlike eutectic microstructure. Indentation fracture toughness values higher than 4 MPa·m 1/2 were identified for
more » ... ntified for eutectic composites with interlamellar spacings between 0.9 and 1.2¯m. The composites obtained by SPS with a composition of 45 mol.% VB 2 exhibited a lower Vickers hardness (2324 GPa) and higher indentation fracture toughness (up to 4.5 MPa·m 1/2 ) than the eutectic composites with 48 mol.% of VB 2 .
doi:10.2109/jcersj2.123.1051 fatcat:z77ltviuvrgldgbz3s6yjgmnqq