Determination of the Traffic Properties of Cells with Mobile Users Using a Mixed Traffic

D. Mitic, A. Lebl, Z. Markov, V. Kosjer
2019 Radioengineering  
This paper presents a two-dimensional Markov traffic model of the mobile users' network where there exist handover calls from the surrounding cells to the considered cell and where, also, primary calls are generated. The two emphasized types of calls form together mixed traffic. The new, two-dimensional model allows us to calculate some characteristic variables for the systems, which may not be determined based on the analysis of one-dimensional model. The developed simulation program is
more » ... n program is verified comparing the obtained system state probabilities as also primary and handover calls loss rate to the corresponding values from the calculation process. We analyzed cells with a number of channels reserved only for handover calls. This system performances are compared to the performances of some other systems from literature and it is proved that their characteristics are comparable whereby our system improves handover calls dropping rate. It is also proved that users' speed increase and cell radius decrease cause both primary and, especially, handover calls loss rate increase. The results of calculation and simulation are obtained after a number of iterations (calculation or simulation cycles), where the new loss probability values from one iteration become the input values for the next iteration. In the case that call loss values do not converge during simulation, we implemented the original algorithm for input call loss probability estimation for the next iteration.
doi:10.13164/re.2019.0801 fatcat:j3g6naas7fdmnjbedrhxfwhw6a