Prediction of Fracture Initiation Using a Finite Element Method and Various Damage Models [chapter]

N. L. Dung
1991 Anisotropy and Localization of Plastic Deformation  
Understanding the Grid to rod fretting wear (GTRFW) initiation is critical for reducing the risk of fuel leak. In this paper, a simplified 3D FEA model is set up to analyze its mechanics. The initiation of GTRFW under a series of interferences was modeled and analyzed. It is found that slip and wear usually initiate from the edge of the grid to rod contact contour and eventually propagates to the entire contour. Due to the stress concentration, the contact at sharp corners should be avoided.
doi:10.1007/978-94-011-3644-0_141 fatcat:myezwusm4vhopiayd6nqe4dpxe