The Physician a Popular Educator

1884 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
of the Massachusetts Medical Society, -We live in an age remarkable for successful industry in every department of human skill and enterprise. Each day adds to the stock of man's inventive faculty in the curious mechanisms for the quicker and easier accomplishment of labor, and the splendid results are seen in every town and hamlet in the land. Material prosperity, as one of the elements of our civilization, is also shown in the colossal fortunes amassed in our great cities, and in the
more » ... and in the monuments of skillful labor that adorn our streets, and stretch from sea to sea in a net-work of iron bands. We hear the almost boastful cry of the successful men of vast financial achievements, and the lips of praise do swift homage to those giants who control great enterprises and hold the stock market in the palm of the hand. Amid the devotion paid to the energy and the force that move this mighty machinery of business, amid ber of exneriences one general conception is formed which will embrace all similar cases."
doi:10.1056/nejm188407171110301 fatcat:ytfwtpp45jfmpg72vr7zeyn5c4