Historical development of ballroom dances of the European program: comparative analysis

2021 Humanities science current issues  
Сизоненко В., Федорова М. Історичний розвиток бальних танців європейської програми... describes the types of dances that preceded the formation of ballroom choreography as it is now. The prerequisites of standardization, the process of systematization of the first half and beginning of the second half of the 20th century are described. The process of formation and standardization of music accompaniment of the European program is highlighted. The meaning of ballroom dancing standardization for
more » ... e modern state of the European program is analyzed. The history of the origin and formation of such ballroom dances as a slow waltz, quickstep, tango, Viennese waltz, foxtrot is analyzed; the development of the figures of the above-mentioned dances is considered. The process of formation and approval of technical aspects of ballroom dances is studied. The features of transition to the modern variation form of ballroom choreography in the process of birth of international style of ballroom dancing as an artistic and socio-cultural form through the prism of interaction of dance traditions and innovation practices were reflected. The methodology used includes the use of general theoretical and specifically scientific methods of knowledge (historical, cultural, comparativehistorical and other methods). It is concluded that the ballroom dance associations organized international competitions in which many dancers began to participate; this led to increased competition which, in turn, led to the improvement of technique and gradually the European program dances acquired a modern look. It is also noted that this research needs further study in the field of modern ballroom dancing of Latin American program.
doi:10.24919/2308-4863/43-3-15 fatcat:mupb5y4cobdzpixnxe2q5s6vqu