On the Generation of Compressible Mirror-mode Fluctuations in the Inner Heliosheath

Horst Fichtner, Jens Kleimann, Peter H. Yoon, Klaus Scherer, Sean Oughton, N. Eugene Engelbrecht
2020 Astrophysical Journal  
Measurements made with the Voyager 1 spacecraft indicate that significant levels of compressive fluctuations exist in the inner heliosheath. After some studies have been performed w.r.t. the mirror-mode instability in the downstream region close to the solar wind termination shock, here we extend the investigation to the whole inner heliosheath. We employ quasilinear theory and results from a global magnetohydrodynamic model of the heliosphere to compute the time evolution of both the
more » ... e anisotropy and the energy density of the corresponding magnetic fluctuations, and we demonstrate their likely presence in the inner heliosheath. Furthermore, we compute the associated locally generated density fluctuations. The results can serve as inputs for future models of the transport of compressible turbulence in the inner heliosheath.
doi:10.3847/1538-4357/abaf52 fatcat:n77h3o35qve5fkncd5kwesgm6y