Clinical Study of Root Caps. The Influence to the Periodontal Tissue of Root Caps and Overdenture
根面板についての臨床的研究 根面板の歯周組織とoverdentureへの影響について

Masahiro Saito, Yoshika Ieiri, Kimie Okimoto, Yoshihiro Terada
1998 Nihon Hotetsu Shika Gakkai Zasshi  
The morphological changes in periodontal tissues around root caps, anchor teeth, and dentures were examined in 24 denture wearer with root caps (mean age : 63.4 years) to study the influence of root caps on tooth preservation and protection of the residual ridge and denture conditions. Sixty-two root caps were
doi:10.2186/jjps.42.972 fatcat:fpgkb56ttfhmhj3zcdphazfnni