Protection against domestic violence in the meaning of the family Law and the Law on social protection
Zaštita od nasilja u porodici u smislu Porodičnog zakona i Zakona o socijalnoj zaštiti

Goran Stamenković
2021 Pravo - teorija i praksa  
Domestic violence is a complex, multidisciplinary problem, although at first glance it seems like a very clear, definite, extremely obvious, and recognizable phenomenon. In addition to the concept, characteristics, manifestation, and causes of domestic violence, the paper presents the provisions of the Family Law and the Law on Social Protection, as well as the role and competencies of the Social Services Center regarding protection from domestic violence. The so-called "dark figure" in this
more » ... a indicates that there is a significant number of unreported cases of domestic violence, and the "silence" of family members can lead to immeasurable consequences. That is why it is necessary to emphasize adequate education, good coordination of institutions, but also influencing the social awareness of people that denying the perceived problem of domestic violence leads nowhere.
doi:10.5937/ptp2104175s fatcat:x2yanmhcybd3fpbb4gxsnxrxxa