Injection locking of violet laser diodes with a 32 GHz offset frequency for driving Raman transitions in ^43Ca^+

B. C. Keitch, N. R. Thomas, D. M. Lucas
2013 Optics Letters  
Two cw single-mode violet (397nm) diode lasers are locked to a single external-cavity master diode laser by optical injection locking. A double-pass 1.6GHz acousto-optic modulator is used to provide a 3.2GHz offset frequency between the two slave lasers. We achieve up to 20mW usable output in each slave beam, with as little as 25 \mu W of injection power at room temperature. An optical heterodyne measurement of the beat note between the two slave beams gives a linewidth of <=10Hz at 3.2GHz. We
more » ... lso estimate the free-running linewidth of the master laser to be approximately 3MHz, by optical heterodyning with a similar device.
doi:10.1364/ol.38.000830 pmid:23503230 fatcat:nf4mtel63vg5heqzfai66gkzde