Бактерицидні та дезінфікуючі властивості деззасобу «Арквадез-плюс»

O.L. Tishyn, G.T. Kopijchuk, R.V. Khomiak, O.V. Khyrivskyy, Т.V. Orynchak
2017 Scientific Messenger of LNU of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology  
The results of research bactericidal properties of new domestic disinfectant «Arquadez–plus» which is a transparent light color, without mechanical inclusions, solution with a specific odor, and created on the basis of quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC), in particular, the composition of the disinfectant include: alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride and dimethyldipetylammonium chloride. Was found bactericidal dilution (BD), bactericidal concentration (BC), phenol coefficient (PC) and protein
more » ... (PC) and protein index (PI). Most susceptible to the effect of disinfectant was gram-negativ bacteria of E. coli, where cell death came on the 10 and 30 minutes exposures at concentrations of 0.0129 and 0.0092%, respectively. The action of disinfection preparation for gram-positive bacteria S. aureus, cell death came at these exposures at concentrations of 0.0252 and 0.018%, respectively. Microorganisms P. vulgaris were the least susceptible to the action of the disinfectant; the death of the microorganisms came at concentrations of 1,0204 and 0.5206%, for 10 and 30 minute exposures, respectively, and, due to the action of the disinfectant on the test culture of S. typhimurium, the death of cells came under given conditions, at concentrations of 0.5206 and 0.2656%, respectively. The action of disinfection preparation for vegetative cells of B. subtilis cell death came on the 10 and 30 minutes exposures at concentrations of 0.0494 and 0.018% but in the spore form, at concentrations of 0.5206 and 0.3719%, respectively. The disinfectant effect of this disinfectant is 79.4 and 28.9 times higher on microorganisms E. coli and S. aureus, respectively, of the decontaminant effect of phenol, and in the presence of a protein, the activity of the disinfectant is reduced by 1.4 times. The efficacy of disinfection preparation of microorganisms on surfaces in the decontamination of test-objects.It is established that test-cultures of E. coli, S. aureus and P. vulgaris at 0.05% concentration of disinfectant is ineffective and for the test culture of S. typhimurium, its 0.1% concentration is ineffective.For vegetative and spore form of B. subtilis disinfection preparation concentration at 1.0%. Is ineffective at the 0.5–1.0% concentrations is effective for processing rigid surfaces, at preventive disinfection of premises for animals and birds at exposure for 60 minutes, and at spore forms of microorganisms its working concentration should be 2.0%, at exposure in 120 minutes and 3.0% at exposures in 30 minutes or more. Proved that the disinfectant «Arquadez-plus» in a production environment at a concentration of 1.0% by wet surface irrigation facilities for animals and working solution 0.25–0.3 liters per 1 square meter with an exposure of 2 hours, showing high disinfectant properties.
doi:10.15421/nvlvet7814 fatcat:ftt7bcxkmjawpiyeogstnvjjzy