Medical Web Interface for Wireless Sensor Networks

Andrei Maciuca, Dan Popescu
2013 Int. J. Advanced Networking and Applications   unpublished
-The current paper proposes a smart web interface designed for monitoring the status of the elderly people. There are four main user types used in the web application: the administrator (who has power access to all the application's functionalities), the patient (who has access to his own personal data, like parameters history, personal details), relatives of the patient (who have administrable access to the person in care, access that is defined by the patient) and the medic (who can view the
more » ... (who can view the medical history of the patient and prescribe different medications or interpret the received parameters data). The main purpose of this web application is to receive and analyze received data from body sensors like accelerometers, EKG or GSR sensors, or even ambient sensors like gas detectors, humidity, pressure or temperature sensors. After processing the harvested information, the web application decides if an alert has to be triggered and sends it to a specialized call center (for example, if the patient's body temperature is over 40 degrees Celsius).