Design and implementation of a platform-independent IVOD system

E. Elshimy, H. Farouk, S. Ahmed, I. Ismail
2008 The International Conference on Electrical Engineering  
Most of currently available IVOD systems open a new stream for every client. The main feature of the proposed system is Interactivity where the client takes the whole control on the streamed video. The system allows users to join already running streams, so, the user has the choice either to open a new stream or join one of the already running streams and that results in a better network utilization. The proposed system is platformindependent and it has been evaluated on two different platforms
more » ... (windows -Linux). The proposed system adds strategies to detect and recover from failures and to prevent the waste of server resources by using the "Leasing" mechanism to grant the allocation of server resources for a certain period of time. The proposed system is able to manage at least 50 media streams (with audio and video content) in a 100 Mbps network.
doi:10.21608/iceeng.2008.34240 fatcat:rc7dmlacyzcblhqhy5ttm6d46m