Trigonal Prismatic or Octahedral Surrounding in Sheet Oxides ?

Claude Delmas, Jean-Jacques Braconnier, Claude Fouassier, Paul Hagenmuller
1981 Zeitschrift für Naturforschung. B, A journal of chemical sciences  
Layer Oxides, Intercalate, Trigonal Prismatic of Octahedral Surrounding According to the oxygen packing two types of alkali ion surroundings (octahedral or trigonal prismatic) are possible in the AxMO2 sheet oxides or the related A2MO3 compounds. The stability of both environments is discussed from the geometrical and electrostatic view points. Structural transitions to metastable forms can be induced by high pressure, intercalation, desintercalation or exchange reactions. The possibility of
more » ... e possibility of room temperature transformations can be anticipated from the relationships between the various oxygen packings.
doi:10.1515/znb-1981-1104 fatcat:gygoz2lzpbeu7ghors5lst76dm