The impact of discrimination and support on developmental competencies in Latino adolescents

Laura M. Gonzalez, Gabriela L. Stein, Lisa Kiang, Alexandra M. Cupito
2014 Journal of Latina/o Psychology  
Discrimination is considered a contextual risk factor for ethnic minority youth, but social support provided in the same context may function to offset the risk or encourage adaptive responses. Per the integrative model of child development (Garcia Coll et al., 1996), experiences in the school, familial, and community settings can foster the development of cognitive, social, and emotional competencies in the presence of racism and discrimination. The current study evaluated how perceptions of
more » ... scrimination and support in the school setting influenced school belonging, college-going self-efficacy, and depressive symptoms in a sample of Latino youth (N = 179). We distinguished between peers and nonparental adults as the sources of discrimination and support. Overall, peer support was associated with all three outcomes, suggesting peers as a positive resource. Adult support was only significant in the school belonging model. Findings supported a limited moderating role for peer support on peer discrimination, but only for the depressive symptoms outcome. Implications and suggestions for mental health practitioners are offered. Article: The integrative model of development of ethnic or racial minority youth is a useful conceptual model for many reasons (Garcia Coll et al., 1996). The model describes how ethnic minority youth develop cognitive, social, emotional, and cultural competencies through their continued interactions with multiple contexts, including schools, family, and neighborhoods. These contexts are described as promoting or inhibiting environments, given their positive or negative influence on how the desired developmental competencies manifest. Given that some stressors are experienced more commonly by disenfranchised communities (e.g., discrimination), this
doi:10.1037/lat0000014 fatcat:jx4by6eerzh33bjjdmtmq6mmzq