The Development of Tropical Africa by the White Races

1905 African Affairs  
THIS is a reprint of a paper read by Mr. Morel before the Geographical Section of the British Association. The two policies referred to in his title are those of trade and coercion, and they are very fully discussed from the economic standpoint. He has shown very conclusively that the coercive system, as practised by the Congo State and, in a modified form, advocated in some quarters among ourselves, is not only morally wrong, but short-sighted and foolish. " Honesty is the best policy" is, no
more » ... est policy" is, no doubt, the expression of a very low ethical standard, if regarded as the sole sanction of conduct, but it remains true, nevertheless, that injustice means loss of one kind or another, in the long run. The whole pamphlet is well worth study, especially Mr. Morel's remarks on Native Land Tenure.
doi:10.1093/oxfordjournals.afraf.a093941 fatcat:2kxv5zq76rfqzdpc3pwbiv4a3i