Far-ultraviolet stellar photometry: A field in Orion

Edward G. Schmidt, George R. Carruthers
1993 Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series  
ABSTWCT Far-ultraviolet photometry for 625 objects in Orion is presented. These data were extracted from clcctrographic camcra imagcs obtained during sounding rocket flights in 1975 and 1982. The 1975 images were centered close to the belt of Orion whilc thc 1982 images were centered k g 0 further north. One hundred and fifty stars fell in the overlapping region and were observed with both cameras. Sixty-eight percent of the objects were tentatively identified with known stars using the SIMBAD
more » ... s using the SIMBAD database while another 24% are blends of objccts too closc together to xparate with our resolution. As in previous studies, the majority of the identified ultraviolet sources are early-type stars. Howvevcr, thcrc are a significant number for which no such identification was possible, and we suggest that these are interesting objects which should bc funhcr investigated Sevcn stars were found which were bright in the ultraviolet but faint in the visible. We suggest that some of these arc nearby white dwarfs.
doi:10.1086/191847 fatcat:qxvn3e7okrd5xltip4upvbvfo4