Factors affecting Performance OF Wind Turbine Blades

Sonia Chalia
2019 Zenodo  
In the wake of drastic depletion of conventional energy sources, there is a high demand for the non- conventional alternatives. Wind turbines provide an alternative way of generating energy from the power of wind. At windy places where the wind speeds are so high, sufficient amount of energy can be harnessed by making use of wind turbines. The blades of such turbines are so designed that they generate lift from wind and thus rotate. In the present study, wind turbine blade design is reviewed in
more » ... sign is reviewed in detail, including aerodynamic efficiency and propulsive efficiency. The aerodynamic design principles for a modern wind turbine blade are detailed, including blade profile, aerofoil selection and tip speed ratio. Some of the existing wind turbine systems are presented with their usage in different industries and maximum efficiency.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3250338 fatcat:wtedo6jpijbojcu3xzm43jwrbq