Letter from California — Climate and Diseases of the Country — Gold Digging — The Cholera

1849 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
vocal positive evidence of good effects from vomiting, nor can I allege that I have seen any of a contrary kind. Some time last year, I suggested elsewhere (the Med. Gazette) that at the origin of any epidemic, attention should be given by medical men, naturalists, Sic, whether there be any coetaneous murrain among amimals, or blight of vegetation. It is a fact, that there has been a considerable mortality for two or three years past among cattle, and the fact of the potato blight in Europe is
more » ... light in Europe is one by no means unimportant. Animals and vegetables living, if I may express myself so, more naturally than mankind, sooner feel and manifest the influence of any epidemic virus, from the agency of which man's artificial habits and precautions for a time shelter him. Cholera may just be named and considered a man-blight, possibly of the same origin as the potato-blight. Let us be thankful, that hitherto the mortality has been so much less in the one case than in the other.-London Lancet. LETTER FROM CALIFORNIA\p=m-\CLIMATE AND DISEASES OF THE COUNTRY\p=m-\GOLD DIGGING\p=m-\THE CHOLERA.
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