Radula Tooth Structure of Eight Bithyniid Snails Observed by Scanning Electron Microscopy

Jae Jin Kim
2015 The Korean Journal of Malacology  
Eight species of the family Bithyniidae, Bithynia striatula, B. tentaculata, B. siamensis, B. leachi, B. kiusiuensis, B. misella, Bithynia sp. from Nepal, and Gabbia australis were studied for comparison of the radula structure by scanning electron microscope. Radular ribbons of B. siamensis and B. leachi had 60-70 rows, and the other species had 40-50 rows. Teeth of all species studied had symmetrical structure, i.e. a total of seven teeth (one central tooth, and one lateral and two pairs of
more » ... rginal teeth on each side) in each row were observed. The basic tooth formula of eight bithyniids was 2:1:1:1:2. Numbers and shapes of cusps were slightly differ from individuals or species. The mesocone of the central tooth of B. striatula, B. tentaculata, B. siamensis and Bithynia sp. differed from those of the other species observed.
doi:10.9710/kjm.2015.31.1.49 fatcat:cl6tw3gesvejdllvl3qbqukvfq