Collaborative decision-making in supply chains, the impact of e-collaboration technologies on efficiency, effectiveness and inter-organizational trust [thesis]

Nora Azima Noordin
until my Ph.D viva day. I cannot express how much I really appreciate their help. I have been extremely lucky to have them as my supervisors who cared so much about my work. I also would like to thanks to my Ph.D sponsorship; MARA and University of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pursue Ph.D and working with them upon completion of my Ph.D. Thank you for the funding given for almost four years and special thanks to Prof. Mazliham, Prof. Azanam and Prof. Azizan
more » ... for their helps and guidance throughout my research journey. I am really looking forward to work with University of Kuala Lumpur soon. There are a number of people without whom this thesis is not written, and to whom I am greatly indebted. To my beloved parents in Malaysia; Noordin Ali and Romlah Mohd Isa and my parent-in-law; Sheikh Daud and Hamimah Osman. Thank you for your supports since forever. They have been a source of encouragement and inspiration to me throughout my life. Also, to all four of my siblings; Nora Aniza, Norzaimi Izham, Nora Alina and Nora Afida. Thank you for taking care of our parents while I'm in the UK. I must express my gratitude to Sheikh Ezhazzaf, my one and only beloved husband, for his continued support and encouragement. He is always there during my ups and downs, he is a shoulder for me to cry on. Thank you for accompany me while I am writing my thesis until 4 am in the morning consistently. Thank you for understand me enough and not asking me to do house chores, even to cook your lunch when you know I'm busy with my thesis. I love you so much! iii And finally, to all my research colleagues in DMEM who knows what it would to be as a Ph.D research student, everybody has their own stories, the journey may be the same, but the obstacles that we will find along the journey are what make us different. To Anjar Priyono, Peipei Wu and Faridah, we had a great time together since our first day knowing each other. Thank you for your guidance and knowledge sharing. I really appreciate our friendship, may it last forever.
doi:10.48730/jdek-eq20 fatcat:oqgssry64zawtpwqxewnjfxiva