The Different Effect of R and S Albuterol on Proliferation and Migration of Airway Smooth Muscle Cells

Bin Gao, Ping Chen, Qifeng Jiang
2018 Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering  
Previous studies have shown that the R-and S-enantiomers of racemic albuterol, a β 2 -adrenergic receptor agonist used in asthma treatment, have differential effects on the contractile properties of airway smooth muscle. However, the effect of albuterol on the proliferation and migration has never been tested. Since (R)-, but not (S)-albuterol enhances bronchodilation, we expect the two racemic isomers would also affect proliferation and migration of tracheal cells differentially. By monitoring
more » ... ally. By monitoring migratory properties of airway smooth muscle cells in the presence of albuterol isomers, the different effect of albuterol on proliferation and migration of airway smooth muscle cells is probed. The results show Both of Rand S-albuterol could inhibit the proliferation of smooth muscle cells and the inhibition ratio of these two isomers had no significant difference; R-albuterol, but not S-albuterol, inhibited cell migration.
doi:10.4236/jbise.2018.118016 fatcat:missr5hbtradrn7lxdvn6wxjsa