F. Lyagushyn S., I. Sokolovsky A.
2020 Zenodo  
The purpose of the work is to demonstrate the path to improving the presentation and enhance the effectiveness of teaching physics in secondary and higher schools in the context of reducing the hours for teaching the course and weakening pupils' and students' motivation to study. The methodology of the research is based on generalization and analysis of the experience of teaching the courses of physics and astronomy, as well as special courses with physical content for pupils and the
more » ... and the disciplines of theoretical physical character for university students. Scientific novelty is expressed in taking into consideration the radical change in the conditions of educational process of late, both in secondary and higher schools, the significant difference between the current generation of young people and the previous one, the rigid conditions higher education institutions have to function in and in putting forward the constructive and proven by practice proposals regarding the ways to overcome the crisis of physical education. Conclusion. Physics occupies a special place among the natural sciences because of the preponderant value of understanding in comparison with memory, and therefore the full range of natural science teaching can be provided only by the physicists. But young people are apt to master the specialties, where descriptive disciplines prevail, and everything comes down to obtaining the information that is very easy to get in the era of the Internet. Students are reluctant to work independently, and the number of classroom hours is reduced each year. Consequently, the level of knowledge in physics of school-leavers and university-graduates is constantly falling, and it can threaten the country's movement to economic and social innovation. It makes using the training hours efficiently extremely important. The leading role in solving this problem can be played by approaching construction of the courses in physics in school and general physics i [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3667404 fatcat:kgdfp4b5k5bxbpmqvt6x2rnphi