M. Yakovliev, K. Filonenko
2019 Системи управління навігації та зв'язку Збірник наукових праць  
The subject of this article is the impact of site loading speed to increase user conversions. The goal is to determine what is the optimal site loading speed for users and further site optimization. Tasks: identify and optimize the components that take the longest load time. The methods used are: optimization of the server part of the site; Configuring Apache and Ngix Server Using server side gzip compression Using CDNs to download popular JavaScript libraries server-side caching settings;
more » ... ase optimization; optimization of TCP, TLS, HTTP / 2; client side optimization. The following results are obtained. Using the methods described above, on the example of a working draft, it was possible to optimize the site loading speed by 40%. Taking statistics for the period of 7 days, with the same amount of traffic, the conversion of users to customers increased from 7% to 15%. The number of failures on the first visit to the site decreased by 30%. Conclusions. In the course of work, the correlation between the speed of loading the site and the conversion of users to customers was confirmed. By optimizing the speed of loading the site, it was possible to increase the conversion of users by 2 times and reduce the percentage of failure on the first visit to the site.
doi:10.26906/sunz.2019.5.092 fatcat:5wpjmfgzavcnncy3zyrex5fy2a