Comparison Analysis of Anthocyanin Substances in various Plants for Testing Media of Formalin and Borax Content in Food

Neny Rochyani, M. Amin
2018 E3S Web of Conferences  
Anthocyanin substances found in plants are known could be able to indicate acidic and alkaline compounds which means it can indicate the presence of additives in various materials. Food is an important factor in human life as a basic need to grow and survive. The presence of foods containing formaldehyde and borax can endanger human health, therefore there is a need an effort and ingredients to identify the presence or absence of these substances. This can be done by making test equipment that
more » ... est equipment that is able to indicate food containing non-food additives. This study focused on comparative analysis of anthocyanin content in some plants to be used as food testing materials containing formalin and borax using filter paper, as well as knowing the effect of solvent variations on mass extraction of anthocyanins and yields. Testing using solvents, namely ethanol with variations, the test equipment is produced through extraction of plants and solvents which are then soaked in filter paper and dried so that they are absorbed therein. The test results show that the anthocyanin substance in all plant samples is good to be used as a test tool but the ipomea batatas L is better and the variation of solvent has a significant influence on the extraction of anthocyanin and rendemen, while the test media extracted using ethanol solvent variations can detect the formaldehyde content and borax well.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/20186803005 fatcat:6owmwjrfmjfhfctwdsn7fwgcpu