Fast electron beam guiding for effective core heating

T. Johzaki, A. Sunahara, S. Fujioka, H. Nagatomo, H. Sakagami, K. Mima, P. Mora, K. A. Tanaka, E. Moses
2013 EPJ Web of Conferences  
In cone-guiding fast ignition, the guiding of fast electron beam with significantly large beam divergence is one of the most important issues for achieving efficient core heating. We proposed two guiding schemes; one is the "Tongari" tip guiding by resistive magnetic fields and the other is the guiding by externally applying axial magnetic fields. The guiding performances for these two schemes are demonstrated by Particle-In-Cell and Fokker-Planck simulations.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/20135903010 fatcat:noaujnya2jb7vm4azsn6eeckcu