Fermentation Process for Mass Production of Clitocybin A, a New Anti-Wrinkle Agent from Clitocybe aurantiaca and Evaluation of Inhibitory Activity on Matrix Metalloproteinase-1 Expression

Kwan-Chul Kim, Hyeok-Won Lee, Hong-Won Lee, Soo-Jin Choo, Ick-Dong Yoo, Byung-Jo Ha
2014 Microbiology and Biotechnology Letters  
Clitocybin A is a novel anti-wrinkle cosmetic agent produced by the strain from a Korean native mushroom Clitocybe aurantiaca. In this study, fermentation, extraction, and purification conditions for a large scale production of clitocybin A were optimized, and its cytotoxicity and inhibition activity on the expression of matrix metalloproteinase-1 (MMP-1) were characterized. The mass production of anti-wrinkle agent was achieved according to the 300 L fermentation process with a fedbatch
more » ... h a fedbatch cultivation using the modified yeast-maltose (YM) broth, and a total of 12.5 kg of cell mass was obtained in a 120 L culture broth for 14 days. After extraction and purification, clitocybin A was identified by HPLC. The cytotoxicity of clitocybin A was examined by the MTT assay. When assayed at 100 and 200 µg/ml concentrations, clitocybin A showed no cytotoxicity, demonstrating safety. The inhibition activity of clitocybin A on the expression of MMP-1 was examined against UV irradiation. Oleanolic acid (control group) showed a relatively low MMP-1 inhibiting activity (ca. 16.7%) at 10 µg/ml and showed increased cytotoxicity at higher concentrations. In contrast, clitocybin A showed no cytotoxicity at 100 µg/ml, and exhibited a relatively high MMP-1-inhibiting activity (33.1%). These findings indicate that clitocybin A may be a safe and effective anti-wrinkle agent for use in functional cosmetics.
doi:10.4014/kjmb.1405.05002 fatcat:5be6gigl4zgozj7uxbnojn6a5y