On Spharostilbite

G. T. Prior
1898 Mineralogical Magazine and Journal of the Mineralogical Society  
Sphærostilbite was one of a number of sub-species which Beudant in his Mineralogy, published in 1832, separated from ordinary stilblte owing to slight differences in chemical composition. In a typical specimen from the Faroe Islands he describes the sphmrosfilbite as innplanted upon ordinary stilhite, in the form of small globules, presenting a fibrous radiated structure and brilliant pearly lustre on the fractured surface. Unlike stilhite, it gelatinlsed with acids, and it also had a specific
more » ... ravity (2.31) slightly higher than that of stilhite. According to the analyses given by Beudant, however, it differed in chemical composition so little from ordinary stilbite that in later text-books (Glocker, 1839; Breithaupt, 1847, &c.) it has always been referred to that species.
doi:10.1180/minmag.1898.012.54.05 fatcat:l2cb3slrfvfbjnympn62l5f45u