Diurnal Changes in Water Soluble Carbohydrate Components in Leaves and Sucrose Associated TaSUT1 Gene Expression during Grain Development in Wheat

Sarah Al-Sheikh Ahmed, Jingjuan Zhang, Hussein Farhan, Yingquan Zhang, Zitong Yu, Shahidul Islam, Jiansheng Chen, Sanda Cricelli, Andrew Foreman, Wim Van den Ende, Wujun Ma, Bernard Dell
2020 International Journal of Molecular Sciences  
In plant tissues, sugar levels are determined by the balance between sugar import, export, and sugar synthesis. So far, water soluble carbohydrate (WSC) dynamics have not been investigated in a diurnal context in wheat stems as compared to the dynamics in flag leaves during the terminal phases of grain filling. Here, we filled this research gap and tested the hypothesis that WSC dynamics interlink with gene expression of TaSUT1. The main stems and flag leaves of two genotypes, Westonia and
more » ... were sampled at four hourly intervals over a 24 h period at six developmental stages from heading to 28 DAA (days after anthesis). The total levels of WSC and WSC components were measured, and TaSUT1 gene expression was quantified at 21 DAA. On average, the total WSC and fructan levels in the stems were double those in the flag leaves. In both cultivars, diurnal patterns in the total WSC and sucrose were detected in leaves across all developmental stages, but not for the fructans 6-kestose and bifurcose. However, in stems, diurnal patterns of the total WSC and fructan were only found at anthesis in Kauz. The different levels of WSC and WSC components between Westonia and Kauz are likely associated with leaf chlorophyll levels and fructan degradation, especially 6-kestose degradation. High correlation between levels of TaSUT1 expression and sucrose in leaves indicated that TaSUT1 expression is likely to be influenced by the level of sucrose in leaves, and the combination of high levels of TaSUT1 expression and sucrose in Kauz may contribute to its high grain yield under well-watered conditions.
doi:10.3390/ijms21218276 pmid:33167324 fatcat:7ht5oznev5f67id23qakddxq5i